Security Features


It is our policy to encrypt all messages from beginning to end. Your personal information and messages are encrypted from beginning to end. No one except the recipient of the message can see it, therefore Kosmos Hi-Lo cannot access your information.


Kosmos Hi-Lo is often viewed as one of the very best platforms for people to utilize because the platform enables you to receive and send encrypted documents, audio clips, pictures and videos as well as a variety of attachments.


You can carry on high-quality voice and video calls with Kosmos Hi-Lo, which are entirely secure and never logged into by anyone. We encrypt your calls, just like we do our messages, which means no one can listen in or watch what you are doing.


Kosmos Hi-Lo backup gives you the ability to backup and restore data easily. Since it works no matter what device you’re on, you can restore information from an iPhone to an Android phone securely.


All conference calls are encrypted so that only people within that group can join. An extra security measure prevents this from running longer than 24 hours after the initial conference runs out – that member will have to make another conference request after that.


Each Kosmos Hi-Lo user will receive a QR code to scan that will serve as the extra layer of security protecting you by allowing you to trust your friends. Simply scan your friend’s code to take advantage of the extra layer of security.

Kill Code

Kosmos Hi-Lo – has a security feature called “KILL” – its a code that deletes all “Hi” level content from your device. All messages and logs are removed from your device when this code is entered. Your device will then automatically show the “Lo” level content when app is open.